Photo Tour of the Lethbridge Centre
The photo tour was first posted in early 1998 with three images sent by Bruce Primeau, Lethbridge Facility Manager. Four years later, in March, 2002, the tour was revamped with 16 more images sent by Angélique Bernard. Bruce's photos are credited. The rest are Angélique’s.
When Lethbridge opened in the fall of 1997, it was the facility with the design which seemed most appropriate for Whitehorse. Four and a half years later, after several other centres have opened in Western Canada, Lethbridge still seems to be the best model.

The tour is now (March 2002) divided into six sections, this page with two photos, and five other pages:

  • Structure    4 images. 203 KB. Two exterior photos, one of the ceiling, and one of the second floor ancillary spaces.
  • Walkway    3 images. 179 KB. The second floor walkway between the seats.
  • Other Spaces    2 images. 91 KB. Restaurant and changeroom.
  • Dividing into Youth Fields    4 images 193 KB. The system used to divide an 80' x 180' field into two youth fields.
  • On Field Advertising    4 images. 200 KB. Advertising on boards, around goals, and on the walls.

The rectangular building (Structure) contains two soccer fields with seating in between. At one end of the building are all the ancillary spaces (Other Spaces): entranceway, offices, storage, washrooms, changerooms, concession and lounge.
Below we see the inside of the building as viewed from a corner of a soccer field. On the right is the seating area. Beyond the seating is the second field which is not visible. At the far end are the ancillary spaces. A section of the boards in the far corner is glass window. Through the glass you can see the entranceway and concession area. The second floor has the restaurant/lounge from which parents and fans can watch either game.

on the field
Bruce Primeau
On the field itself you can see the rounded corners, the boards, and the recessed goal. There is a youth game in progress. These pictures are from the first season of use and show some advertising, but in 2002 (On Field Advertising) the the boards and goal area are well endowed with revenue-generating ads. The players' benches and penalty boxes are to the left and cannot be seen. Between the top of the boards and the ceiling there are nets to catch errant balls (better visible below).

The next photo has much detail besides the netting. The seating area space is well planned. The walkway above the seating (see also walkway) is on the same level as the restaurant (see also other spaces) allowing parents to bring a coffee out and watch a game on either side. There is a storage hallway below the seating and walkway. Restaurant chairs are visible through the glass at upper right. At lower right there is the glass in the rounded field corner. At left the end of the youth field divider can be seen.

Thanks for taking the tour. Any questions?

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Last updated, 4 March 2002