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Whitehorse Indoor Soccer Centre

Success! Two indoor courts will be full of soccer action in the fall of 2005. From now on, please follow developments at the special Whitehorse Multiplex Phase Two Project Information Web Site.

Although this site has achieved its purpose, it will stay open indefinitely. It has received overwhelming poitive response from the international community. It has proven it's usefulness to others and should be maintained. There are also some minor local issues, particularly around proposed costs for soccer in the new facility, which may require documentation.

We will continue to post here information of all kinds relating to indoor centre development. But as our need for this site diminishes, we may be less prompt at posting updates and new material. If you have any questions which are not answered by this site, or any information we might add, please email Doug Hitch, (hitch at polarcom dot com)

Moms and Tots
Moms and tots enjoying an indoor centre

Multiplex Soccer Report
A report by Randall Conrad covering current soccer gym use, the benefits of dedicated facilities elsewhere, and the benefit of a dedicated facility in Whitehorse. This was a key element in the City's decision to include two indoor fields in the Multiplex.

Work to Date on the Centre
The Whitehorse Indoor Soccer Centre Facilities Committee has been at work for more than five years. This page lists activities and events, including press reports.

Feasibility Study
Completed in December 2001, phase one examines the need for a facility while phase two looks into design, management and location options.

Conceptual Designs
Computer generated colour images showing potential designs and locations.

What is an indoor soccer centre?
The concept is only about a generation old. Many people have no idea what we are talking about.

Why does Whitehorse need an indoor centre?
There are many reasons.

Other soccer centres
Find out what nearly fifty other communities in Canada and Alaska are doing for indoor soccer.

Alternative Indoor Centre Uses
Indoor centres are focal points of community life. The chart lists about 40 activities besides winter soccer which are carried on in centres across Canada.

Indoor soccer rivals hockey in Alberta
"Indoor soccer is booming in Alberta and Edmonton has become a fascinating study in this revolution." -- Vancouver Sun article, January 16, 1999.

Indoor soccer boom netting big numbers
"It all adds up to an indoor soccer boom, with tin-roofed warehouse-like facilities and sophisticated, inflated ''bubbles'' springing up around New England." -- Boston Globe article, January 12, 2001.

ThunderHawks Logo

Lethbridge Centre Photo Tour
Take a guided tour of the Lethbridge Indoor Soccer Centre.

Toronto ThunderHawks Homepage
Sadly the Edmonton Drillers NPSL team folded in 2000. The new Toronto ThunderHawks began NPSL play the same year. Several NPSL teams formed the MISL on August 8, 2001. Toronto starts MISL play in the 2002-3 season.

United States Indoor Soccer Association
This site has grown to become the premier indoor centre site in the US. It has much useful and interesting information. The outfit coordinates many things including an annual facility operators conference.

I Love Indoor Soccer bumper sticker
Whitehorse Indoor Soccer Fans! Please get a copy of this bumper sticker from the soccer office and display it proudly. Every bit of promotion helps. -- Compliments of Whitehorse Minor Soccer.

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Last updated 4 July 2003
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