Feasibility Study for an Indoor Centre in Whitehorse

The study was conducted in two phases and is available in separate parts:

Phase One
The report Needs Analysis For Indoor Soccer in Whitehorse. Phase 1 Final Report, was made public on March 30, 2001. It concludes that, "given that current facilities are fully utilized, additional facilities for indoor soccer are clearly and unquestionably required to meet both current and future demand." Read the Executive Summary web page. Download the entire 1.4 MB Word document Posted April 2, 2001.

Phase Two
The report Feasibility Study and Building Programme for an Indoor Soccer Facility in Whitehorse. Phase 2 Final Report, was available for distribution in December, 2001. This phase covers design, management and location options, including cost breakdowns. Read the Executive Summary web page. Download the 1.6 MB Word document containing the text with the black and white figures. Posted January 18, 2002. Download the 1.2 MB Word document containing the colour images. Posted January 25, 2002.

The study was made possible by major funding from the Community Development Fund of the Government of Yukon, with additional funding from the Whitehorse Minor Soccer Association. The steering committee was made up of the members of the indoor centre facilities committee plus representatives from both Yukon and Whitehorse governments. Phase One was conducted by Luigi Zanasi Economist and Malcolm Taggart — Research Northwest. For Phase Two, the services of Kobayashi + Zedda Design group were added. The consultants’ work took place over a fourteen month period beginning in October 2000. Preliminary work to set up the study preceded this by about a year.

Shortly after CDF funding was procured, the City of Whitehorse included funding in the 2001 budget for a feasibility study. This funding was applied to additional conceptual design work by Kobayashi + Zedda.

The facilities committee thanks YTG and the City for their support in person hours and financially.

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Updated 25 January 2002
D. Hitch