The League

Whitehorse Recreational Co-ed Soccer is a non-competitive recreational league for adults (18 and over) that has been running since 1999. Whether you join for outdoor or indoor, you'll meet many people, get lots of exercise, and have loads of fun. We typically put on one social event each season as well. Plus, you get a glamorous T-shirt for your registration fee. Our outdoor season starts in May, the indoor season in October.

Features of the league include:

The Executive

The league executive is a group of volunteers that presently includes: Michael Tilbrook, Vaughan Johnstone, Ehab Alhag Hussein, Gregory Bryce, Joanna Sharp, John Main and Stephanie Main.

Questions or comments for the league executive should be sent to

2018 Outdoor Season

Registration for the league's outdoor season will open in early May for about two weeks. Drop-in outdoor games will start by mid-month.

2017-18 Indoor Season

Indoor Drop-in

Drop-in adult soccer Sundays 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. starting April 15 at the Canada Games Centre. Games will continue as long as people are interested, probably for four or five Sundays until the outdoor season starts. Organized by our league, adhering to the usual recreational philosophy, using small nets. A CGC wristband is required. If possible, wear a dark or light-coloured T-shirt.

Getting ready for a game!


The 2017-18 indoor season starts on 8 October, and will run until 5 April.

Registration for the second half of the 2017-18 indoor season is now closed. Team lists have been uploaded to the downloads page.

The fee for the second half of the 2017-18 indoor season is $145 per player, payable in full before the season begins. If you don't have a credit card or are unable to use the online registration, please contact the league.

Before registering, please take the time to read the league philosophy. If you haven't played with us before, please also check out our indoor format rule variations.

Game Times and Location

Each week, you will have one Sunday game and one mid-week game:

All games are played at the Canada Games Center.


All league documents, including the league philosophy, team lists and schedules, are available at our downloads page. Additional communications (such as cancellations or social event notifications) are sent via e-mail.

Any questions or comments on the league can be sent to

Refunds / Fee Adjustments

The league is not able to refund players who after registering become unable to play due to an injury, a change in their work schedule, an unplanned move from the Territory, a new love in their life, a spouse complaining that they're not spending enough time at home – well, you get the idea. Sorry, but the league is now so large that, because it's administered by volunteers, we need things to be standardized. That includes there being one schedule of fees for everyone.

Related to this, the league cannot offer an individualized fee to any player. For example, if you can't play on a certain night each week, well that's the way it goes. You don't get to pay less than the regular fee.

Social Events

Photo of curling

To date the league has had dozens of successful social events. They have ranged from an afternoon of curling, trivia games, food and drinks at the Whitehorse Curling Club to a pizza and mass Pictionary house party.

Other events in recent years have tended toward nachos and drinks on the patio of Sanchez Cantina or pizza and appies and beer at a restaurant or pub. Your ideas and enthusiasm are needed!

Anyone interested in organizing social events, or with suggestions, should speak to a member of the executive. We welcome ideas and assistance!

A social night at Epic Pizza

2017 Outdoor Season

The 2017 outdoor season is now over. Thanks to all the players who made it another fun and successful year!

Photo of players shaking hands